Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My little Picasso. . .

When I retrieved my darling daughter's old Little Tykes artist easel/blackboard out of storage for her 2 year old little boy , my grandson, little did I know what impact it would have on the child's imagination!!! I cleaned it up and set it in the den, along with a new box of chalk, just awaiting his visit that afternoon.

When he walked into the house and spotted it, he ran to it and stood in front of the thing for over two hours, drawing his heart out!!! I secretly thought to myself, "I think we're onto something here"!!

Ever since, it has remained the same; it is still the first thing he runs to whenever he comes over for a visit. Of course, we all think he is totally brilliant, and have encouraged his artistic pursuits at Christmas and his birthday by inundating him with every imaginable art set, special art papers, and every kind of writing and drawing implement.

I guess this has paid off, however I still think he would have eventually found a way to express himself without all this help!!

Here's his latest:

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Ryan said...

What a brilliant child! I'm amazed! (Liz)