Friday, June 27, 2008

A story about this pattern. . . .

I had this pattern out, looking at it and thinking about making the matinee jacket and cap, for the new baby that is on the way.

In my mother's day, she told me those little jackets were called "saques" or I have even heard them called "nightingales". I love those names, they all denote preciousness to me.

Anyway, I came to have this pattern, through a long drawn-out process.

One of my very good friends was going to be a first time grandmother, and she asked me to make the christening gown. She wanted me to copy the gown that her husband and then all her children had worn. I was amazed that she didn't want to use this lovely gown for the new baby, but she explained that she wanted her daughter to have her own gown for this child and any other children she might have.

I didn't want to attempt to re-create this gown on my own, so I set out looking for a pattern to use. I posted a picture on one of my chat forums and got a very swift reply from a lady in California. She told me she had made that gown many times and gave me the pattern number.

With that, I set about searching ebay for it. I found it on the frist search!!! I placed my bid, and allowed the bidding to end, not realizing it had gone quite high in the final amount!!! (this pattern is considered vintage, as it was printed in the 1960's) So, I lost the bid. I contacted the lady in California to see if she would sell me hers. She declined but said if I found another one, I could use it and she would buy it back from me, as the embroidery transfers that came with her pattern, were now used up.

So, I began the search again. Fortunately, I found it again soon after!!! I couldn't believe my good fortune!!! I ended up paying close to $30 for this pattern, which was OK with my California friend. I used it, she paid me and I shipped it on to her. End of story.

Well, not quite. When my friend/customer picked up her gown, she was very pleased and then told me she wanted me to make two more of these eventually, for her other two children, when the time came!!!!

Uh-oh!!!! so the search began again!!! The sewing angel was with me, apparently, as I found another again and this time got it for around $6-7!!!!! So, now this precious little pattern is safely in my stash.


Sewbusymor said...

That pattern also resides in my house!! courtesy of my dear Mother in Law/Sister in law...from her babies. I have made it many times with wedding gowns, quilter's cottons, broadcloth etc. It is well loved and received. The original embroider is missing, and my tissue is taped everywhere from here!! I often wondered if it was available on EBAY..I should seek a copy!! I love the bonnet too...a pain but lovely for boys etc. Your blog is lovely.

Rebekah said...

Hi Sara :)
Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love this pattern, especially the round yoke - I should definitely keep an eye out for it!