Monday, June 23, 2008

Yet another wonderful blessing!!!!!

Last week, we found out that we are to be grandparents again!!! A baby is a blessing from God and we praise and thank Him for this. Our grandson Holt will be the big brother!!!
Now, my mind is beginning to spin and get all cluttered up with ideas for sewing for this highly anticipated little one, who will make an appearence in February.
I have already started one project, which is pink; however, I can change back to blue with no problems!!!!
My favorite thing to sew is infant layette clothing. When we went to the retreat, I carried my unfinished box of projects left over from my trip to Martha Pullens school six years ago. It just so happens, all those little garments are for a girl!!! Wonder if that is a sign??
Anyway, my tastes in infants clothing tends to run to the vintage design. I love all those styles that came out of the 20's and 30's , the eras that my parents were born. I have amassed a variety of patterns, both vintage and reproductions, that could keep me busy sewing for years, and I don't think I would ever tire of it. My fabric stash is almost as extensive and I revel in luxurious fabrics that are a sensual delight to the eyes and to the hands. My favorites are Swiss batiste, pure Irish linen (I have a fabulous, generous friend who gifted me with a huge stash of it) Italian Sheen Sateen, and Swiss flannel. Preparing these fabrics for construction is almost as rewarding as seeing the finished garment. I love every aspect of it, from laundering the fabric, to the ironing of it. Perverse? maybe, but there is such a satisfaction to me in feeling that iron glide over an exquisite piece, seeing the change in the fabric and then feeling the "hand" of it. And then, once the garment is finished, imagining the tiny baby who will grace my efforts!!!
After having been with my sewing friends a few weeks ago, all of whom love to smock, I am desiring to smock more myself. I had gotten away from it for awhile, but they have inpired to get the pleater back out and pleat up some projects. I am finding so much joy in "just sewing" these days. Even though we DO have a little one on the way, it is too early to know the gender just yet, so I am just sewing for the sheer joy of sewing and creating!!!!
I hope you have a GREAT day!!!

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Debbie said...

I'm so excited for you Sara!! Another little baby.