Friday, September 12, 2008

Fall sewing for Holt

I just discovered this adorable pattern and had to order it for Holt. If you have ever sewn for little boys, you know how limited the options are in styles, patterns and designs. This pattern is a little bit different than anything I have seen in a while, almost has a Euro look to it.
Anyway, I have the short pants made and I chose to line them as the fabric I used was rather flimsy. As it turns out, I think it would have made up fine without the lining. the short pants look black in my picture, but they are actually navy with ecru undertones.
About this pattern. Now, I always read through the directions before I make something and usually, I do it my way because I am somewhat a rebel in these matters. However, this time I did follow the directions to the letter, except for the lining. There were a couple of things I wish I had done my way. There is a dart right beside the button on the pants waist. The pattern calls for you to slash the dart open and gives no directions for finishing the the edges of the dart. I hate unfinished edges. I don't see the point of slashing the dart open. Maybe someone can enlighten me on that one!!!
I am working on the smocked shirt, which is white with ecru smocking.


little dresses said...

I was browsing "the big list of sewing blogs and found you. I had to say "hey" to a fellow heirloom sewer. It seems like there are not many of us in blogland!


rufflebunnies said...

Hi Samantha
I am so glad you stopped by!! I have admired your blog from afar and been meaning to write you as well.
Maybe you can give me some direction (re: my latest post!!)

Martha said...

I love this pattern. Who is it by if you don't mind sharing.Too cute.

rufflebunnies said...

Thanks Martha
I sent you an email but for anyone else who would like the pattern , it is by Meco Modes!!

Martha said...

Thanks Bunny. I didn't get the email but it may be in cyberspace somewhere. :) I'll be anxious to see what you think of the pattern. I have never used one of theirs before.