Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A bit of vintage. . .

Once in a while, I learn a new craft, technique or trick and get totally hooked on it. To the point that I buy all of the supplies and instruction manuels (yikes, there's that word again!!)
Anyway, about a year ago, I was searching the net for a great idea to make for myself a needlecase. Attempting to be more organized in sewing matters (something I have been trying hard to learn from my friend, the domestic diva) I thought it would behoove me to have an exquisitely beautiful needlecase. My wanderings, and hunting and pecking, led me to several sites with the most gorgeous silk ribbon embroidery I have ever seen and some of the most magnificently hand made needlecases, or "hussifs" that you could imagine!!
So, I bought the books, the supplies and anything else I thought I would need to craft up this little confection. In the meantime, it was my good fortune to inherit a lovely sewing stash, complete with a treadle machine in the cabinet. So, I was all set!!
Here is what I came up with, some for myself and a few for ebay and some friends!!

After I got over this, all these lovely vintage findings languished in the closet of my sewing room for a year.

Until last week, when inspiration struck again!!!

I have made about 6 or 7 of these sweet little bracelets with this same stash of vintage velvet ribbons, buttons, belt buckles and many other things.

I thought they would be darling for prom, which is coming up, but then, wouldn't it seem that the guy would need to give this to the girl????

My little Picasso. . .

When I retrieved my darling daughter's old Little Tykes artist easel/blackboard out of storage for her 2 year old little boy , my grandson, little did I know what impact it would have on the child's imagination!!! I cleaned it up and set it in the den, along with a new box of chalk, just awaiting his visit that afternoon.

When he walked into the house and spotted it, he ran to it and stood in front of the thing for over two hours, drawing his heart out!!! I secretly thought to myself, "I think we're onto something here"!!

Ever since, it has remained the same; it is still the first thing he runs to whenever he comes over for a visit. Of course, we all think he is totally brilliant, and have encouraged his artistic pursuits at Christmas and his birthday by inundating him with every imaginable art set, special art papers, and every kind of writing and drawing implement.

I guess this has paid off, however I still think he would have eventually found a way to express himself without all this help!!

Here's his latest:

Who says you never quit learning??

I find myself at a point in life where all the wonderful inovations in technology that are supposed to make life easier, better, fuller and so on, are to the point where I need a 3rd grader to show me how to work it all!!!
Just when I had learned my computer, then the accounting software, my sewing/embroidery machines (well, I still haven't mastered the embroidery digitizing software my husband bought me about 8 years ago), then here comes a new camera, which is amazing. I must say, I have improved the quality of my family photos but , of course, I am still working on that.
Then , right after Christmas, we bought a new car. I can tell it to "Take me to the office" or "Call home". It's wonderful!!! However, this car doesn't understand basic Southern rural dialect English!!! Needless to say, I am still working on speech lessons for the car!!
Because of the car, I was forced to upgrade my cell phone AND get an iPod.
Ok, that's three more instruction books to read up on.
But on the bright side, they say keeping the brain stimulated helps to ward off a host of problems related to the aging process.
I feel younger already!!!!