Thursday, April 3, 2008

The countdown is on. . .

My best friend is about to become a grandmother. She is due for some happiness and a reason to rejoice. Yes, she has a lot to be thankful for, a wonderful daughter and son in law, who are so good and attentive to her, and, she still has her mother. But, two years ago, she lost her husband, then 2 months ago, she lost her dad. Now, her little dog and constant companion, is in failing health. But soon, she will have a new man in her life!!!
There is no way I can fully describe to her how this new little man is going to turn her life upside down. They are busy getting the nursery ready, the house in tip top shape, and all the things that go along with welcoming a new baby into the home. I know her so well, and I know that no detail will go un-noticed, nor undone!!!
I am envious of her getting to experience that first breathless moment when the sweet new bundle is placed into her arms. My own grandson is now two, and that moment seems so long ago, even though I will never forget it. I don't envy that feeling of knowing your baby girl is in labor, and that there is nothing that mother can do.
So, we are at three weeks or so and counting!!! I guess she may be to the point where she could go any day!!
Here is some little outfits I made for them:

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It must be my "age". . . .the cleansing

No, no, not THAT kind of cleansing!!! The OTHER kind of cleansing!!! It's spring, after all!!! And for the last few years, every spring, I start getting into it!!!
Over the years, I have collected all sorts of things. Hallmark ornaments, angels, all sorts of dishes, glassware, trinkets, sit around stuff, clothes, and every thing my children ever made, did, won, read, wrote, drew, played with, wore, slept on, you know the drill!!! And then, there is my sewing related treasures.
Why have I hung on to all this junk???? I saved it for posterity, I guess. I think that my children are going to want this stuff, one day, like when they have kids of their own. Well, maybe they do, but they want ME to keep it for them!!!! And then, I only have myself to blame, for some of it. Or maybe, my sister, as it's worse at her house than mine. And she keeps giving me stuff!!!!!

A sampling of some of my , herumph, "logic" :
"This dress is a classic. It'll never go out of style"
"I've collected these ornaments since they were first born"
"Oh, this was was his first picture he colored in kindergarten"
"And this was her bedspread from college"
"Well, can't throw this thing away, it might be worth something someday"
And, the classic: (drumroll, here) "I should sell THESE on ebay!!!!!"

And why, may I ask, is it the same in the garage storage room!!!!

Actually, the clothes are in a category all their own. You see, I grew up in a ladies dress shop, my mother's business. I got hooked on all that selecting my wardrobe at market. "She who dies with the most overstuffed closet, wins". The amount of clothes I have accumulated over the years, then given away, handed down, sold and trashed would. . . well, I can't even go there!!!!

Every year, I go through the same scenario with myself: Look in the closets and the attic and see piles of all kinds of forgotten "treasures".
Then it begins, sorting into piles, keep this, throw this away, give this to someone, and calling the kids with "are you SURE you don't want this"?

Slowly but surely, I have reduced the piles over the years, and in the process, found a few things I thought lost forever and thrilled to have again. I have even changed my clothes-buying habit into a much more practical mode. Fewer but better clothes. Well, I AM working on that one.

And my sister??? Well, she started calling again this week with "You really, really need these little chairs"!!!!
Ohhhhh, I am doomed!!!!