Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Spring. . . .

I love the Spring. I remember my dad saying how much he loved the Spring. He didn't like autumn, said that everything was dying in the Autumn, but in the spring, everything is coming alive, that it is a time of rebirth. That, of course, came from his being a farmer, a caretaker of the earth, the soil. It was exciting for him to see the things he had planted bursting up out of the ground.
When the early mornings become warm, I love to get my cup of coffee and walk around in my yard, to see what is pushing forth out of the earth, to see what is budding, or blooming.
I have several things that are my favorites. I love to garden, but I certainly don't consider myself a "real" gardener, just a wannabe. My favorites are old fashioned lilacs, of which, over the years, I have had several. Most of them I inherited from the lady who was the former owner of this homeplace. There was never more than a bloom or two, despite my moving them to locations all over my yard. This year, I have a new little bush that is in full bloom!!!