Monday, April 28, 2008

I wish I had a sewing buddy. . . . .

I mean one who lives just down the street. I am sure you can imagine that I have dozens upon dozens of cyber-sewing buddies that I have come to know and love, first, through ebay and later through several forums that I frequent. And I do love these friends and have learned so much from them. One even travelled 1000 miles to come help me with my daughter's wedding and we had never even talked on the phone before. Now that is a friend!!!!
I want also the kind that my mother had: She lived nearby, they went to church together, they were both farmer's wives, they shopped together, and they sewed together!!! My mother tells me "sewing stories" and I love to hear them.
One that I particularly love, is about the time they went to the "city" to buy fabric for my much older sister's prom dress. My sister spotted a design she liked in a store window, and Mother and her sidekick promptly, with sketchpad in hand, (or it might have been the back of a checkbook) began to draw out (I just can't bring myself to say "copy") all the details of said dress.
Next, they went to the fabric store and bought the luscious sheer pink organdy and matching lace to make this dream confection of a prom dress!!!! It looked just like the one in the store window, and at, I'm sure a fraction of the price.
Another time, my mother redecorated mine and my sister's bedroom. Red and pink was all the rage at that time. So mother and friend set out to make the spreads, dust ruffles amd curtains. It was beautiful beyond my 5 year old belief!!! The spreads for our twin beds were fitted, scalloped and bias bound around the edges and made of quilted fabric that had small pink and red roses. The dust ruffles were solid pink, there were some kind of matching pillow shams and some kind of curtains. I can't remember those. Then we each had a red and pink fuzzy throw rug.
The prom dress, the pink and red room, and countless other creations that my mother made were magnificent. but the thing that keeps sticking out in my mind was that she had a buddy who worked alongside her. I wonder what they talked about!!!!

He's here!!!!

My best friend became a grandmother Sunday morning, April 27. John Canton, already quite the gentleman, arrived about 1 am on his due date!!!!! How's that for not keeping the ladies waiting???? I have not had the pleasure of meeting this little fellow yet, but he should be home in a day or two and I so look forward to seeing him.
His grandmother is positively giddy, as you would expect, and already "head over heels" in love!!!