Monday, February 2, 2009

Baby on the way!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival our granddaughter, Lacey Claire, due February 21, but I have a feeling she will appear sooner than that. I am predicting February 6, which is the birthday of our daughter in law and the day after her mother's birthday. I have made several things for her layette, which I can happily add to the vast collection handed down to her that was her mother's clothing. I had searched the house over for these things and finally found them Saturday. There were so many things I had made that I had forgotten about and it was such a pleasure to wash and iron them and reflect on the days when my daughter wore them. It was also amusing to look back on my sewing skills from 25 years ago!!! Oh, the things I did and didn't do when I was learning to smock back in those days. But, they held up well and actually look as good as new.
Here are a few of the things I have made.

This is a matinee jacket, diaper cover and cap, made by the pattern from Collars, Etc. I used seafoam satin batiste and dotted Swiss.
This baby quilt was made from a quilt top I discovered at my mother's. She and my grandmother had quilted it and I added the ruffle and backing.

This bib is a design from Sew Beautiful Issue #121. I used white Sheen Sateen and embroidered by machine with designs from Martha Pullen's "Vintage Baby" .

A diaper set, also from Sew Beautiful issue #121, made from pink linen, given to me by Ruthann Jagge, when she came to the wedding of the baby's mother.

A bubble made by the pattern by Martha Pullen Company, "Dainty Designs" made of White Sheen Sateen.

A smocked Grace Knott "Nighty"

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