Friday, February 27, 2009

Easter Sewing!!!

What fun to begin thinking about sewing for Easter!! I have wonderful memories of my mother sewing for me, my sister and herself. She would make us complete outfits, well, that is, a dress and a coat of some kind. Back then, they were called "dusters", these Easter coats. I don't remember anything about the planning process of mother's sewing but probably she and my sister planned out what we would have.

In addition to these outfits, we also always got new shoes, gloves , a hat and a purse. I have a great picture of the three of us, somewhere, modeling our outfits , just as we were to go out the door to church on Easter morning, and we were some kind of "stylin'".

Nowadays, my Easter sewing plans involve sewing for my grandchildren, those that will let me!!!
I already have the outfit for the new baby to wear and next will be the outfit for her big brother. In addition, I will also be making big brother an outfit to wear in a wedding the evening before Easter, where he will be the ring bearer. I will also be making the flower girl's dress. At this point, I might also mention that said wedding will be having the reception here at my home, in the yard, weather permitting!!!!

So now, I am contemplating just how to make the ring bearer's outfit, which I have already sketched. I have found no pattern available for the shirt I am proposing, so it will be up to me to draft my own, a skill in which I am lacking. This should prove interesting, but at the same time, challenging too and I look forward to it.


Jennifer Paganelli said...

Congrats on the latest addition..Valentines Day for goodness sake!!! Your work is beautiful. Jennifer

Libby Murphy said...

Oh wow, you are such a talent! Really beautiful and timeless creations - confections in linen and lace. I so enjoyed your lovely site.