Sunday, May 3, 2009

Berry time in West Tennessee!!!

For a little fellow who adores strawberries more than just about anything, what could be better than a trip to the "Pick-UR-Own" patch? Maybe it is picking and eating all you want, right off the vine and Mr. Farmer not minding one bit and not charging your aunt and uncle for all those you ate, because he is so enamored of your cuteness!!!!
Our whole family loves the juicy red berries grown so abundantly here in West Tennessee but none more so than my grandson Holt. I try to keep a carton here at my house, year 'round, when I know he will be coming. Anyway, the trip to the patch was a tradition we started last year and one we hope to keep for years to come, or as long as he will go with us!!!!
These are last years pictures and my sister and her husband took him Saturday, but I have no pictures of that trip. Guess we'll just have to make another run in a few days!!!
I feel a shortcake coming on!!!!


The Stylish House said...

Holt is a cutie and so is his hat! Smart to keep him from overexposure to the sun’s harsh rays! I love u-pick places they are so much fun and the fruit doesn’t get any fresher. When I lived in Oregon I had a couple favorite places I frequented each season to make freezer jam. My daughter was in middle school at the time and not a huge fan of the rope around your neck connected to a picking bucket look! It is finally warming up in my part of the world and I am more then ready for warm and sunny. ~Cathy~

Janie's World said...

Sooo cute! What a wonderful tradition to do every year. Strawberry shortcake is a favorite here too!