Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I love vines!!!

I love many flowers that grow on a vine. While this first one is not really considered a vine (I don't think), it sure grows like one. This is an old rose that blooms by Mother's Day. It started as a cutting from my sister and I planted it to grow over my old potting shed. When we remodeled the shed a few years ago, we transplanted on this arbor, which is the entrance to the garden spot (if you look through the opening, you will see the garden spot has nothing but weeds growing there this spring!!!) I love this rose. It is filled with small but beautiful pale pink fragrant buds.
Next is my Confederate Jasmine. We are located a bit north for this vine to thrive, however, thriving it is and has never let me down. Two years ago, we suffered a hard freeze just before Easter and it got severely bitten. This vine forms a bower over the walkway to the garage and every time I walk by it, I feel like Scarlett at the barbeque, because the fragrance is enchanting!!

This is my Clematis. I don't know the correct name for it. I have had a thing for them for years and have never been successful growing them until I got this one. It is located right by the Jasmine.

This is the old Southern favorite Wisteria. Mine is just now blooming but I have been seeing them bloom all over our area for weeks. Everything blooms later than most in our yard, for some reason. I think it has something to do with "micro-climates".

Last is a new vine. My husband bought this one to hopefully cover up some unslightly electical meters (those things the power company uses to send you a bill!!!) And again, the tag has been removed and I don't know the name of it either


Janie's World said...

OOO, your climbing rose is beautiful. I can just imagine the smell of that Jasmine. I too love Clematis, but I don't have any :(. Lovely garden!

The Stylish House said...

I would love to fit something like this into my yard. Your rose arbor is beautiful. I bought a window box yesterday. We are getting ready to have our house painted in a few weeks and I am ready for a little fun in the sun. Cathy

Terry and Kirstie said...

Hey Sarah! I love your blog and I love your garden...I'm sorry to admit that I'm not the gardener that you or my mom are but I can admire your talent in the garden. Also, I think that you are talented with a needle too! I believe I've decided to do a blog...I'll let you know when I set it up.
Kirstie McCormick

Celestina Marie said...

Your vines are stunning. I hope my new plantings do as well. I am trying. Your yard is gorgeous with beautiful cottage style appeal. Lovely. Your sweet new grandaughter is adorable. Congratulations.
Have a pefect holiday weekend.
Hugs, Celestina Marie

The Sewing Loft said...

Lovely, lovely flowers and vines! Don't they make you feel so good and warm all over?

Thank you for being my first "follower", I love your blog, it is not only fun and informative and packed with wonderful things, it is beautiful.