Monday, May 4, 2009

Skillet Cake

To go along with the fresh strawberries, our family has always enjoyed Skillet cake. No store-bought sponge cake cups for us!!!! We grew up on this and other homemade goodies from my mother's kitchen.

This little delicacy looks surprisingly like cornbread, in part because it is made in a black skillet, but don't be fooled!!!! It is sweet and very light. And when just out of the oven, it is delightful all by itself, with no other adornment.
But when you add fresh strawberries, it is heavenly. Now about the strawberries, I never slice mine. Rather, to get the best effect, meaning JUICE, they have to be smooshed. This can be accomplished with a potato masher or even with your clean hands. Add some real sugar and let them sit and the sugar will draw out even more of the juice. You want all that juice so that the cake can soak it up. MMMM-MMM!!!
Skillet Cake
1 stick butter--softened
1.5 cups sugar
3 eggs
1.5 cups self-rising flour
3/4 cup milk
1 tsp real vanilla
Grease and flour a black skillet. Cream the butter and sugar, add eggs, beat well. Add the flour, milk and vanilla and pour into the skillet. Bake at 350 for about 25 minutes until golden on top and firm to the touch.

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The Stylish House said...

Hi Sara,
I just logged on and saw your post. What a neat recipe this is one I am definitely going to make. I have a big black iron skillet I use for another goodie called “The Big Dutch Baby” which will be perfect. I need to play catch up and read a couple more of your oists I missed. It has been crazy hectic the last few weeks, but fun. It is always a treat to visit your site and I am in awe of the beautiful work you do! ~Cathy~