Sunday, July 12, 2009

Today's lesson. . . Dressing Baby in the hot, sultry South!!!

With the days becoming so hot and humid and the heat index rising, I was reminded of an occasion when one of my granddaughters, who was about 6 months old at the time, was stripped down to her diaper , by her daddy, "because she was hot". (I believe she was wearing a smocked bubble at the time,made of 100% cotton Swiss batiste, which I might say is one of the lightest fabrics made). Now, being in the business of CLOTHING babies, this somehow , just did not seem right to me!!!
So, in giving this some thought, I realized that I had not educated this particular child of mine, a man, about the proper way to dress a baby for hot weather. There are just some things that you take for granted!!!
So , let me explain this , for the uninformed!!
It would seem logical that to remove most or all of baby's clothes, would indeed make the baby cooler. This might stand to reason, if the baby is indoors. But if the baby is outdoors, say at a picnic, and being held, think about the skin of the baby and the baby-holder, when the baby is passed on to,oh, let's say, grandmother. The baby's back and the arm of the holder are both wet!!!! From sweating!!!!! This cannot be, in any way, comfortable to the baby!!! Skin against skin is going to get hot and sweaty when the thermometer approaches the 100 mark!!!This is why the Southern staple of a baby's wardrobe, the diaper shirt, was created!!!!!

Now, these diaper shirts, or some other light-weight article of clothing, need to be made of 100% cotton or linen, to be effective. Polyester fabrics simply won't have the same wicking qualities or any degree of comfort. They are , in fact, quite hot to wear.
It would also behoove me to interject, at this point, that one should never leave the house without a lightweight cotton blanket for baby!!! They have a multitude of uses, even in the hot summer time. You can spread it out to lay the baby on, it is a light cover if you are in a very cool restaurant or other building, you can throw it over the stoller to shield the baby from the sun, or mosquitos, and of course, it can be the barrier for the moisture, when holding the baby. Much more comfortable than a hot, sweaty arm!!!! It also gives off a certain degree of charm, and we all know how important THAT is!!!!!
Here is a good example of the perfect (in my opinion) outfit for a hot summer day: Here you have your 100% cotton sateen fabric composing a set that includes a crisp and cool sunsuit, a burpie, and the requisite blanket, all coordinated with red gingham trim and monogrammed. How cute!!! Other good choices for fabrics would be seersucker, plisse', or pique. All very cool fabrics!!

So, on behalf of babies everywhere, let's keep them cool!!!!!