Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fall sewing

At this time of year, when I am in my fall sewing, I remember something my mother used to say. My mother had a ladies dress shop for over 30 years and she would say that the end of August was the time to bring out your "dark cottons" for early fall wearing!!! So this time of year finds me rummaging through my fabric stash looking for dark cottons. Old habits don't die easy!!

Three years old, he is now. At that age in a sewing person's life when the choices become harder and harder as to what to make for him. As a sewist with an heirloom persuasion, I have long had to forego any illusions of dressing him in any lace. I must say that his dad indulged me longer than I ever thought possible!!! But now, trying my best to keep him from looking like a "little man", I have had to turn to my creative instincts to design clothing that bridges the gap, somewhere between little boy and those grown up clothes that are going to come all too soon, clothes that in all the major brands look "just like daddy".
At the same time, we are urging this child to grow up and be a "big boy". Of course, part of this means no longer wearing a diaper. Now, there are any number of cute patterns out there for younger boys, jon-jons and button-on pants and shirts, but all those buttons make life difficult for a little fella who is now a "big boy".
I have a whole sketch book full of designs that I plan to publish as patterns. That is another story. I have learned that pattern publishing is no easy task.
Anyway, I probably have one more year, at best, to dress him in Sadie-made clothes.