Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy birthday to my sister!!!

Today is my sister's birthday and I just want to tell how very special she is!! I am sure many people who have a sister thinks their sister is special.  She is older than me and has always looked after me and taken care of me.
When she and my brother in law were dating, they would take me along to the movies. Or if not, they would come home from a date and read me a bedtime story. I always called her Sissy. Then when they got married (I was in the wedding) , I recall that when the wedding party walked back down the aisle after the ceremony, even at my age, I instinctively knew that something had changed forever and I was overcome with emotion. I flew to her and grabbed her around the waist and sobbed.  I think it was about that time that I ceased calling her Sissy, as that seemed to me to be babyish!!! So things did change a lot. After they married, they moved away to go to college. Their first Christmas, my sister had taken my mother's sewing machine home with her and she created a fabulous wardrobe for my Barbie doll. She had it all packed in a black patent hat box with a handle. I still remember some of the outfits she made. Sadley, it all burned years later in a house fire.
My "Sissy" and I have been through a lot together. We have that special relationship that only sisters understand. We think alike about a lot of things, almost can read each other's mind on occaison, know what the other is thinking with just a look, and for years have shown up wearing the same outfit more times than I can count!!! My sister is many things: creative, passionate, inventive, thrifty, industrious, loyal, FUN, and not least of all, she is a Christian. I thank God every day for making us sisters in this life.
Happy Birthday Sissy!!!!!! I love you!!!!!